10 Simple Steps to Become an Academic Writer

Academic writing differs greatly from other genres of writing and it is relatively difficult as compared to other forms of writing. Academic writing should involve your own ideas and your own thoughts need to be noticed in your writing piece. Academic writing requires skills that all students need to develop. To succeed, you must place your ideas with precision and logic. A student must learn to write in academic format to do well in colleges or universities, which will further strengthen his career in academics and other industries. The following ten simple steps are discussed below which will help you to become a good academic writer:

  1. Do plenty of online research: To become proficient in academic writing, you must learn online research first. You will find all the required information on the internet, and research work is very important for you to find out how to do research in less time.     
  2. Practice writing: To increase the quality of writing, a student should practise writing in bulk. Writing practice will make your vocabulary stronger, which will further add high quality to your writing and set you apart from others.
  3. Understand the requirements: Academic writing requires a lot of subject-based analysis and understanding of exactly what is asked in the assignment requirements. So before starting to write, a student should understand all the requirements properly and if needed, then consult with teachers for academic writing guidance.
  4. Know the proper structure: Another important aspect of academic writing is its structure. The right structure gives your writing complete perfection. So, it is best to learn the structural aspect of writing which will create high-level academic writings for the reader.
  5. Contextual writing: Contextual writing is intended for any kind of writing. Non-contextual writing downplays the value of the writer. Therefore, it is important to practice topic-oriented writing. There is no sense to fill up your piece of writing with unnecessary information that will lower your grades.
  6. Choose sources carefully: Writing should have enough correct evidence to support the thesis statement. Before you start writing, conduct extensive research and only select resources which are recent, and will provide relevant content for your writing. Select the sources to judge the relevance of your own writing.
  7. Use proper referencing style: Various referencing styles like APA, MLA, Harvard, OSCOLA, and Chicago are used in academic writing. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on which referencing style you are asked to use in an academic assignment. You should always use referencing according to the proper structure that is required for the task. 
  8. Build logical progression of ideas: Identify the project in your writing, give a proper description of its methods, make a report about the findings and then discuss the significance of the project in your writing. Make it clear to the readers about what you hope to achieve in your writing and sort out your paper in such a way that the logical progression is perfectly clear.  
  9. Give importance to the discussion: Make your readers interested in your own thoughts through your writing. Discuss your ideas and place all the findings in your own writing. Discuss the implications of your work that will set your writing apart from other papers.
  10. Proofread & editing:  Before the final submission of your academic paper, a student should carefully examine his or her paper for any spelling or grammatical mistake to make sure that the paper is as good as possible. Even you can hire a professional proofreader for your writing to proofread it properly.

These ten simple steps outlined above will help you to prepare an academic paper for your own and make your debut as a skilled academic writer.

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