How to become a competent medical writer in India


The demand for medical writing in India is very high. Medical writing is being done for various human health-related papers, health journals, magazines, and medical research writing. People are now health conscious so common people search in Google for various medical and health-related articles to become aware about health. Medical writing requires knowledge of the language as well as knowledge of medical and health. If you are thinking to take medical writing as your profession, then you must know that medical writing needs a long period of time to acquire the degrees, certifications, and experience to get success.  In order to become a competent medical writer, you need to improve a few things which are discussed below.

Medical knowledge:

To become a medical writer, you don’t need to know much about health and medicine when you are starting out. But you must have the interest to learn new things. So many medical and health-related websites are available where you can know about health, disease, medicines, wellness, etc.  Even you can get many good books from the market on medical science where you can learn many new things which will help to gather knowledge. Read journals, articles as much as you can to enrich your knowledge of health and medicine.  

Medical writing guidelines:

To become a qualified medical writer, you need to know all the medical guidelines, its style, and protocols particular to highly specialized fields. Even, a medical writer should have the knowledge of various medical terms, terminology and to become familiar with a variety of guidelines.

Language proficiency:

English is the main language for writing a medical paper as most of the medical writing must be written in English. For this profession, you need to deliver high level written English. Not only the native English speaker but also non-native English speakers can involve in the medical writing profession. 

Software and medical technologies:

In order to become a competent medical writer, you need to be technologically shrewd. A medical writer should accustom to software like Microsoft Word, word processor, reference manager, PDF readers particular with using the program for making charts, graphs, and other specialized features. It is necessary to use the software to create charts, graphs for your writing.

Importance of online research:

Online research is crucial for any form of writing. Similarly, medical writing also demands well research. A quality medical writer should know how to do online research easily and quickly. Medical writing is an important genre of writing to present the research details in a clear way and briefly.


To become a better medical writer, you need to write informative text. The correct information is very essential as it is all about health and wellness. So genuine information is the primary criterion for medical writing.


Medical writing is a dynamic and complex genre of writing. There are so many people out there who are involved with medical writing and chose it as their career. So, follow the above steps and be a competent medical writer.

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