How to receive financial aid from US Universities for Indian Students


Many international students especially Indian students lose scholarship opportunities because they fail to apply for scholarships ahead of time. Most of the candidates spend a lot of time for GRE exam preparation, carefully shortlisted universities, and writing powerful essays for admission. However, they fail to plan very well so that it can be applied quickly, resulting in missed scholarships. This is simply because the scholarship is no longer available. The biggest mistake that Indian students make is to assume the same as the admission deadline and the scholarship deadline. They take it easy and apply for scholarship along with admission application. However, in many cases, the deadlines for both are different depending on the US school or universities. In some cases, the scholarship deadline is two months earlier than the admission deadline. The below discussion will help an Indian student to receive financial help easily from US colleges or universities:  

Requirements for financial aid:

Most of the US educational institution offers financial aid to international students. But a foreign student needs to fulfil all the criterion regarding financial aid. You will not be able to apply for a scholarship if the requirements are not fulfilled. You need to do good research for financial aid at your target universities and find out if you meet the eligibility criteria. 

Academic score:

The academic score is very important for getting financial aid. A good academic score can enhance the possibility to get a scholarship in US college or universities. Most US university gives emphasis on GPA. They look at both your GPA each semester and your total GPA in four years. Accordingly, the application is always publicly judged to decide whether or not the scholarship is awarded.

Achievement, Publication and recommendation:

Any achievement, publication or recommendation can boost the possibility to get a scholarship in US universities or colleges. Any kind of achievement like lecture contests, paper publications, winning any type of sports competition, a top employee of the month, etc all are important. Make sure you provide enough documents as proof of your achievement when applying for a scholarship.   

Scholarship essay:

Most scholarships committee will ask you to write an essay explaining why you need scholarship and your current situation and goals. It is essential to write down everything honestly. The essay should contain about your passion, your skills and your plan to accomplish your goal. It should explain how scholarship can make significance and make your journey successful. If they are asking for a statement of purpose, you need to focus on what you need to achieve and how you want to do it.  

Recommendation letter:

Some scholarships require a letter of recommendation from your professor. Find someone who knows you well and can give you a good recommendation letter for getting financial help. Your recommendation letter should highlight your academic ability, leadership ability.


However, we can say that the process of getting financial aid in the United States a little different from the admission process. If an Indian student wants to pursue his or her course in the United States with the help of a scholarship, he or she needs to follow the above steps that can help them to get it easily.

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