SOP Writing help for Indian Students


A statement of purpose (SOP) is a kind of paper where a student can talk about his or her career goal, professional interest, contribution and a driving force that pushes him or her to pursue the career objectives. This is usually in the form of essays, but some universities may place questions into it. An SOP is the most essential part of your college or university admission application which will determine your admission to your institution. An SOP helps the admission authority to evaluate a student’s life, career aim, self-belief, subject knowledge. In short, a properly written SOP can represent the overall image of your personality for the universities. In your SOP you can include the reasons behind your selection by the admission committee among all applicants, your future goals, your career perception, etc. Although, SOP writing is different from other forms of writing and it is not an easy task to do. The following are the reasons why Indian students need help to write a statement of purpose (SOP). 

Write quantify story:       

We all love to read beautiful stories instead of a mere statement. We can relate ourselves to a beautiful story easily. Your SOP should contain the story of your life that will highlight your educational background, professional aspects. However, your life story should be quantitative rather than qualitative, and it is important to have the proper information about your life. If you can add all the action with results that are true to your life story in your SOP, then it will be an extra benefit for getting admission. Most of the Indian students do not know to write an informative life story of their own. So, they should take help from a professional writer to complete their SOP.   

Be specific:

Whatever you write in your SP, it needs to be specific. Do not write anything to impress the admission authority. You have to explain the reasons specifically for any action you took in your past life. In this case, an Indian student should be advised not to make any mistakes and get help from an experienced SOP writer.  

Formal but conversational tone:

Your SOP should be written like a novel that is minimally formal but also maintains a certain conversational style that will give your writing a uniqueness.  But for an Indian student, this particular writing style is difficult to follow. So, here we can suggest him or her to take SOP writing help from any writer or authentic organization.

State your problems:

It is a great opportunity to open up about your problems in your SOP. If you had any problems regarding your studies, problems with low marks, career gaps, or problems in the workplace you had faced, write them down in your SOP to reassure the admissions committee. You need to be fully honest and talk about your problems with maturity. If you cannot write your problems properly, you should get it done with the help of a professional SOP writer.


One of the most common mistakes students make in SOP writing is that they search a few sample papers online and copy them in their own words. The main mantra of SP writing is its originality which also has an impact on the admissions committee. Finally, it is advisable that if you are not able to write your own SOP, then certainly take the help of a professional to make your SOP properly.

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