What are the must-have skills to become an academic writer in India


Academic writing is completely a different category writing with different purposes, as its primary objective is to inform the readers about its complex research and findings. Like other forms of writing, academic writing also demands a particular style and format. To become an academic writer, you need to have special writing skills. Although academic writing is not a simple job, but by writing practice and acquiring knowledge and skills, anyone can be a good academic writer. To become an academic writer, you need to learn several things and follow proper instructions which are essential to execute an academic paper. Here, we will discuss here what skills you need to become an academic writer.

English language expert:

Before starting your career as an academic writer, you need to make sure that you have enough expertise in the English language. English is the most used language for academic paper all over the world. So, good English proficiency is very much needed to become an academic writer.

Time management skill:

Time management is an important part of academic writing. You have to maintain the given deadline. If you fail to submit your paper on time then it has no use. So, try to complete your dissertation or assignment paper timely. Proper time management can make you responsible which will help you to become a professional academic writer in the future.

Relate with readers:

It is important to establish a connection with readers in academic writing. You have to try to engage readers with your writing. You need to have a clear idea of what readers are demanding from you.

Research skills:

One of the best parts of academic writing is research skills. If you want to see yourself as an academic writer then definitely you need to know how to do online research quickly and how to collect information for your writing. A good researcher can be an outstanding academic writer.  

Conversational writing skill:

Write like that you are communicating with your readers. Always use simple language and set your tone as you are speaking. To become a good academic writer, conversational skills may set you apart from other academic writers.  


An academic writer should have the knowledge of proper referencing style. Referencing helps to substantiate the authenticity of the information given in your text. A writer should look at what referencing style is asked to follow in an academic paper.  

Plagiarism free clear and consistent writing skill:

To become an academic writer, you need to deliver completely plagiarism free content which must be clear in thoughts and written consistently.  

Editing and proof-reading skill:

The last important step that an academic writer should follow that is editing your text and proofread it properly.  Error free writing will help you to establish yourself as a good academic writer. Before submitting your paper, check grammar, spelling, sentence structure minutely and proofread the whole text as needed.


To become an academic writer, you must have the above-discussed skills. Academic writing has a major impact on overall academic success. One can acquire these skills by practicing regularly.

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