What are the Thesis format guidelines from UGC for dissertation writing in India


The Grant Commission of India (UGC) was established by the Government of India in order to maintain the standard of higher education in India and to protect it. Most of the Indian educational institutions work under the UGC and they follow the rules and guidelines of the UGC. The thesis work of the students from different colleges and universities are approved by UGC and in this context, they have to follow the UGC approved guidelines. The thesis must be understandable, accurate, and have a logical idea according to the UGC approved pattern. In this context, for thesis writing, it is essential to make the thesis presentable by highlighting its arrangement and appearance. A student must complete his or her thesis work according to the UGC approved format only.   

UGC approved thesis guidelines:

The UGC approved guidelines for the dissertation are discussed below:

  • Typewriting– A student always uses A4 size paper for typing his or her thesis.The fontshould be bright and simple. You have to use the font style is mentioned in the instruction. You need to write with proper spacing and paragraphs as specified in the instruction. Keep an eye on grammatical mistakes, misspellings, incorrect sentences. Maintain the acceptable percentage of plagiarism as determined by the college or university.     
  • Chapters and pages– All pages of the thesis must be numbered accordingly. A new chapter should be started from a new page with the chapter name and use center alignment to highlight the chapter name. Always remember not to type any heading at the page bottom or at the end of a page.
  • Tables and figures-– Use the proper title, subtitle, and number along with the data caption which clearly shows the tables and figures in your thesis work. Give a suitable caption below every table and figure on the same page. You have to write a description of any figure or table on the same page.
  • Heading and subheading—Write theheading in a big font and use bold letters to highlight it. Always use center alignment for the chapter heading. In the case of subheading, always use bold letters and the same font as the text. Bullet numbering to the headings and subheadings must be given according to the instructions.

UGC approved thesis format:

Following are the steps for formatting the thesis in accordance with UGC guidelines:

  • Cover page—According to UGCguidelines, the cover page of your thesis work should be consist of the tile of the dissertation, name of the student, academic session, logo, and name of the institute, guide’s name.
  • Title page— The dissertation Title, Student’s name, organization name and submission year must be given on the title page.
  • Declaration—The student has to write a declaration to the institute authority.
  • Certificate—The student needs to attach his or her certificate along with the dissertation paper provided by the guide.
  • Dissertation approval—The student should get the approval paper signed by his or her Guide.  
  • Table of content—Make a list of all heading, subheading with page number and named the page “table of content”. Mention all tables, figures, graphs, images on the table of content page.


A student is advised to write his dissertation to follow the UGC guidelines properly, which will be easily accepted by the institution and will help to get a good score.   

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