Ten steps to Write Quality Blog Content within an hour


Writing a good quality blog content is not just sitting down and write down five hundred words of whatever is on your mind or it is not about what your boss wants to talk about. A quality blog post requires a lot more things than knocking out a copy when you feel the urge you get out what you put in. Good blog content helps the readers to understand the writer’s thoughts.  Blog posting is still a familiar way of engaging with your readers and generating warm leads for your business. The following are ten simple steps to writing a good blog, following which you can become a high-quality blog writer and easily write your blog in one hour.

  1. Write original Facts:

 A blog writer should write the original facts and incidents in his or her blog post. Do not mislead the readers with writing fake incidents which degrade the quality of your writing.

  • Know your audience:

before writing, you need to know for whom you are writing. Because you have to understand what your readers want to read. Keeping in mind the interest of readers, you need to write a blog so that you can draw the reader’s attention.

  • Field of expertise:

Always try to choose a topic based on your expertise. You should have a vast knowledge about the topic which you have chosen. So, it is advisable that you try to write in a particular field on which you can deliver your best work. 

  • Research:

To write a good quality blog in an hour, you need to research well on the chosen topic. For collecting information and data you can do plenty of online research before writing. Your research work will reflect on your writing.  

  • Informative:

Your blog should be full of information. Try to avoid unnecessary facts and incidents and put relevant information in your blog post as much as possible. An informative blog automatically will grab the reader’s attention.

  • Headline:

Write a great headline for your blog content. A suitable headline conveys the idea of what the blog is all about. In this case, headline selection is very much important. We all know that the first impression is the last impression and here we can say that a headline of blog content can create a good impression in the readers’ minds.

  • Using images:

You can use images in your blog writing to fetch the effectiveness. But you have to make sure that the given images are relevant and suitable for your writing. 

  • Edit and proofread:

After completing the blog, you need to check and proofread your writing piece to ensure that your work is free from grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or wrong sentences.

  • Repetition:  

Repetition of words or sentences will decrease your writing quality. So, try to avoid tautology and give your writing a fresh look with which can convey your thoughts to the reader.

  1. Good ending:

You need to sum up by addressing your readers about the aim, purpose, and effectiveness of your blog content.


Like other forms of writing, blog writing is also not an easy task. But one can make it easy to follow the above ten steps and able to deliver a quality blog content in an hour.   

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