Ten easy tips for legal writing in India


To become a professional legal writer in India you do not need to be a lawyer. Like other forms of writing, legal writing also has a good demand in India. Writing a legal article is truly fantastic. Not only your writing will be published in a renowned website or blog, but also it increases your brand value and visibility to your targeted audiences. In the case of legal writing, the writer should have knowledge of legal matters. Vague knowledge will degrade your writing quality and the readers will lose interest to read it. Although, legal writing is not very easy to handle there are ten tips we are discussing below which helps the writers in legal matters with ease.

1.Legal knowledge:

The writer should have a clear idea about legal matters which is the prime criterion for writing legal content. A lawyer can be a good legal writer but the lawyer profession is not necessary for legal writing. Anyone who has good writing skills with online research capability can do legal writing vary easily.  

2.English language efficiency:

Like other forms of writing, you have to have a good command of the English language for legal writing in India. For legal content or blog, you need to write in English. So, it is advisable to deliver error-free good English for writing legal content.  


In the case of legal writing, one should conscious about the length of the content. One should write at least 1500 words excluding footnotes and references because long-form articles are considered at the top in Google search results instead of short content. However, try to break down your content in many small paragraphs with suitable headings and subheadings.


Good research is indispensable for writing a legal paper. A legal writer should possess legal knowledge, various rules, act, and sections thoroughly. So, before writing one should research well on the selected topic.

5.Contextual writing:

In case of any form of writing, contextual writing is very much needed. There is no use of out of context writing. So, a legal writer should aware of contextual legal content. A legal writer must follow the given topic, read all the requirements and write accordingly.  


Your writing should be full of information about the topic you are given. Fake information can make your writing piece low standard. Always try to mention original information in your legal writing.

7.Referencing style:

The referencing style is also a very important part of legal writing. Try to implement an accurate referencing style to make it quality writing. “Oscola” is used mostly worldwide for legal papers writing.  

8.Heading, sub-heading, font style, spacing:

According to the given instructions, a writer should follow the font style, line, and word spacing, etc. The full article should be broken down accordingly with proper headings and subheadings. 


The conclusion part will give the reader a clear idea about the aim, objectives, and possibilities. So, the end part is important for the whole legal content and it should be written carefully.


Before completing the article, the writer should check the whole task carefully and edit it as needed.


In the end, we can conclude to say that you should keep faith in yourself and try hard to write a legal paper following the above-mentioned tips. We can assure you that you will get success and your work will be accepted enormously.   

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