10 ways to improve your Academic Writing Skills


Academic writing is a little bit different from other forms of writing like content, article or journal writing. Academic writing requires proper structure, classification, research, progress, findings, the aim of writing, etc. Although it is not a simple task to do anyone can involve in academic writing and before that he or she has to understand the basis of academic writing. An academic paper should contain original facts and information with proper citations. Many writers get into the academic writing field out of passion but there are few skills that are essential for research paper writing. Here we will discuss ten easy ways to improve academic writing skills.  

  1. Writing set up:

Set up a proper place at your home for writing where you can write with peace and perseverance. You need a set of chair-table and a computer with all the required software in it. It will be easy for you to stay attentive to your writing.

  • Attend online classes:

If you are not an expert in any particular field and you have the zeal to write an academic paper, then you should join online academic writing learning classes to improve your writing skills. It can help you to be up to date with the latest style and technique.

  • Express yourself through writing:

Present your logical thoughts in your writing and make them easy to understand for the readers. This means you should write briefly and avoid repetitions that can confuse readers and reduce the quality of your writing.

  • Write as you speak:

Academic writing doesn’t require to be filled with complex language and tough vocabulary, rather try to write in a simple sentence using easy vocabulary. Write like you are speaking to your readers.  

  • Know your audience:

Before writing you should know who is your audience. When a student is writing for his professor, the way of writing must differ from a writer who is writing for the general public.

  • Don’t sway by any distraction:

This point is applicable to all forms of writing. But for academic writing, you should stay conscious a little bit more and stay away from checking the mobile phone, iPod, tv, etc. Your complete focus should be on your paper when you writing and that can improve your skills for sure.  

  • Practice writing:

One of the best ways to improve your academic writing skills is to practice writing as much as you can. By practicing you can able to enrich your vocabulary that can help you to write a quality research paper for your academic career.

  • Use online editing tools:

There are so many free tools available on the internet to improve your academic writing skills.  These tools will help you to analyze your writing piece, grammar checking, spelling correction, etc and make your writing stronger and error-free.

  • Sentence structure and punctuation:

For avoiding the monotony, it is important to break down a long text into a few paragraphs with a suitable heading, sub-headings, and different punctuation.  

  1. Provide supporting evidence:

For an academic paper, you need to make a list of references in which information is used in your writing. 


Academic writing needs basic skills that can be improved by practicing it more and more. The above discussed ten ways can help you to improve your academic writing skills. 

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