LLM Dissertation guidelines for Indian students


The full form of the LLM is Latin Legume Magister that means Master of Laws. A dissertation for most LLM courses sometimes referred to as a thesis or a final assignment, is a document of ten thousand words or more that presents the findings and consequences of the research in a specific field of law studied during the course. Given that the LLM courses or programs themselves are of a highly specialized research essay, the subject must be of a very specific nature, and the student must demonstrate a deep knowledge of this area of law and, together with demonstrating how the territory is covered, relates to other areas of law and practice. It is essential for the students to follow the guidelines for writing an LLM dissertation. Here, we will discuss the guidelines below: 

Topic selection:

Students may be given a list of possible questions to assist with their search selection process. It is unlikely that you will feel truly inspired by a set question, but they can be useful as a basis of generating ideas. From talking to students who received the highest grades for their studies, it is clear that they all have a real interest in writing. Creating a unique question encourages original analysis, and perhaps from a marker’s point of view, it can be even more interesting. 

Planning and organization:

Some people like to create a filing system and hopefully, you are one of them because it is a great way to organize your LLM research. When you are planning to write your dissertation, you need to keep your research consistent in order to be able to access it quickly. It is a good idea to split up into chapters at the beginning of the study. Any research you do online needs to be backed up and your research will definitely be backed up. So, good planning and proper organization important for LLM dissertation writing.  

Start Research work:

There is no easy way around this, you just keep researching. You do not need to wait for the limited availability of specific texts. If you find that you need a book that someone else has checked out from the library, inform staff as soon as you know it so you have a chance to get it. Also, don’t forget about online law libraries and resources, and if you are really struggling to access what you need, talk to your academic staff.   


Writing an LLM dissertation requires time and thought, and you may not get tired when you try to communicate clearly. As you begin to research, start writing and continue to plan your dissertation chapters with greater depth of research. With a bit of luck and good planning, you will find it easy.

Editing and formatting:

Before writing the content, find out what format your dissertation needs to be in order to print and submit. Your law school will have its own standards so you should familiarize yourself with this document. Set the correct format so that you are not spending the last minute changing the formats or the entire document as you specify. And do not underestimate how long it will take to edit your dissertation. Expect to read through each chapter multiple times as each reading will show you new mistakes.


Once you have written your dissertation, you can take a walk to your submission office and hand over your research. Obviously, everything is according to the planning and you have finished your dissertation paper on time and now it’s time to relax a bit. At last, we can conclude to say that following the above-mentioned guidelines will help the Indian students to deliver a quality LLM dissertation.   

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