How to Get Admission to US Universities from India


There are so many options in the United States to pursue your study, especially for Indians, and there is no need for fear of racism. If you are thinking to complete your study in the US then you are in the right direction. In 2016, as the second-largest international student community, Indians were applied for H-1B visas of the United States and the number is increasing every year. According to the US government, Indian students are much better than students come from other countries. Indian students are more intelligent, good in the English language and they come with employment-based visas and are likely to live standard life in the US. There are a large number of Indians who work in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the United States. There are a large number of Indians who are living in California and New Jersey.  

Admission to US universities is very competitive. Each university has its selection criteria and the competition is very strong. Students need to check the details on the university website and make sure their applications are well planned. International students often underestimate the time required the deadline for the US college or university applications. So it’s important to set a schedule, especially for international students to set a timeline for applying. There are a few key steps you can include when applying to US universities.

Pre-application request:

Your pre-application request may be in the form of an email mentioning your educational background, degree and the program you intend to pursue in the United States, and your request for proof financial assistance should be addressed to the appropriate officer as described on the International Graduate Admissions website.

Registration for admission test:

It is best to take the required quality test in October or November of the year before the fall semester. If you are applying for the spring semester, take the exam before June of the previous year.

Complete and submit application forms:

You can use online applications or you can apply to fill the forms that were sent by the college or university. Please read the website carefully when accessing the online application form. Almost all US institutions accept non-refundable application fees anywhere between $ 50 to $ 250.  

Financial Assistance:

Financial support is provided on the basis of educational qualifications and qualifications. It is intended to provide supplemental amounts provided by the student’s family and other sources. Financially aided students must, therefore, have higher academic achievement, higher test scores, talent.  

English language test score:

You have to crack the TOEFL or IELTS test and attach the scorecard with your application. Without English language proficiency test score, you would not get admission in the US universities or colleges.

Letter of acceptance:

 you need to confirm your admission. A simple email is fine to confirm your acceptance. Some schools may require a deposit to confirm your admission.


Lastly, keep in mind that your application will be reviewed with respect to a number of powerful applications from around the world. All US colleges and universities have their own guidelines and influence regarding admission. The process of entering an American university or a college involves a variety of issues, indicators, and characteristics. Therefore, Indian students should select the appropriate university or college and follow the above steps and apply to American University or College and ensure their admission.

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