How to Improve Legal Writing in India


Legal writing is an important genre of writing in present India. Legal writing needs special attention from other forms of writing because it is related to various rules, sections, acts of the Indian penal code. Legal writing demands proper structure, logical discussion, proper findings. To write a legal paper it also needs the right knowledge of legal matters, but it is not mandatory for legal writing that the writer should be a lawyer or a student of law. If you want to write a legal paper and try to improve your legal writing skills, then you are at the place. We are going to discuss a few steps by which you can improve your legal writing. The steps are discussed below:

Write in an organized way:

To improve your legal writing skills, you need to write in an organized way. Organized writing is the keyword for legal papers. Set a proper plan for your writing by using visual elements to guide the readers. Start every paragraph with a topic related sentence, and paragraphs should be broken down with relevant headings and sub-headings.  

Do not forget your readers:

You should write legal writing according to the needs of the reader. Legal writing should vary from reader to reader. A legal article for a journal and a legal paper for submitting it in the court must be different.

Write briefly:

Avoid lengthy text and try to write in brief. Legal writing needs logical and contextual descriptions rather than unnecessary repetitive writing. Every single sentence must have its importance and can convey your message to the readers.  A lengthy text can distract the reader’s attention so be precise and brief. 

Write in the active voice:

For legal writing, always write in active voice as active voice clearly tells who is doing the action and convey your messages to the audiences. Passive voice can confuse the general readers. An ordinary reader can easily understand text written in the active voice.

 Practice writing:

Practice can make you better in any work. This point is applicable to any form of writing. By practicing you can improve your vocabulary and writing skills that reflect in your writing and can deliver high-quality legal writing.  

Read challenging materials:

To improve your legal writing, you need to read as much as possible. It is advisable to read challenging materials like law journals, online published law research papers, articles that are related to law, etc. As you read new materials, you can deliver a new idea and thoughts in your legal writing.

Editing And proofreading:

Error-free writing is highly appreciated everywhere. In order to improve your legal writing, you need to deliver error-free writing. After completion of your writing, you should check the complete paper minutely and edit it as needed. Before submitting, make sure about the grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc.  


Although legal writing is a bit complex job to do you can easily improve your writing skills and make yourself a professional legal writer by following the above discussions.   

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