How to Study in the US from India after Class XII


After finishing your high school exam, now you think to take a break. But this is the time when you should plan for your next step, taking another big test that will help you to study abroad. You need to appear for these tests because they are considered to be an important criterion for your admission to US universities or colleges. The exams will depend on your choice of course and university that you are choosing in the United States. Every year a large number of Indian students depart to the US for pursuing their undergraduate course after class XII. Students from India prefer to study their undergraduate programs in the US after completing their twelfth grade. Not just a full-time undergraduate program, there are several summers schools’ programs, vocational and technical training courses that can be studied in the United States after completing class XII. There are some steps required to follow in case of study in the USA after class XII, which are discussed below:

Course selection:

There are so many options for an Indian student who wants to pursue an undergraduate course in the US. Courses like computer science, social science, business management, fine arts and crafts, health management are available. So before applying you need to choose your degree course according to your choice.

University or college selection:

Enrolling in a college and studying for a degree in the United States can take one to four years depending on the duration of the entire course, and this is definitely going to be costly. Therefore, it is very important for students and parents alike to choose the right college to value the investment and make the experience life-changing.

Language Test:

The language proficiency test is a way of judging a person’s communication power in real life. TOEFL and IELTS scores are the most common language requirement for American universities. TOEFL is taken mostly by students who are looking for undergraduate studies in the United States. Online and paper-based tests are available for students. A good TOEFL score improves the likelihood of a student attending a good school in the United States.   

Standardized test:

The standardized tests required for graduate admission generally include GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT. For most American colleges and universities, the Indian students have to appear for the standardized admission tests. They are intended to provide a general measure for comparing students’ skills from different educational backgrounds and institutions, scores from these tests will be transmitted to your application envelope, including your college application, essays, references, transcripts, work experience and other information you are ready to consider.

Application process:

The undergraduate application process may seem daunting, as it has many steps. Write an essay mentioning your academic success, your choice of course etc for applying to your favourite educational institutions in the US. You need to attach the essay, your academic scorecard, TOEFL scorecard, standardized test score, SOP with the filled application form and send it through e-mail.


After finishing the whole application process for pursuing an undergraduate program in the US, you have to wait for a few days. Very soon you will get an acceptance letter from your chosen institution. An acceptance letter is a piece of evidence that the college or university has confirmed your candidature and allow you to appear for the admission test. Give your best in the college admission test and after selection in your desired university or college, sail the boat and go out to achieve your goal.  

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