How to write college admission essays in the US for Indian Students


In the case of the US admission process, Indian students are taking a prestigious seat at one of the top universities in the United States are beginning to cling to their application packages, especially the admission essay. What makes the application to an American university so unique and challenging is that it is not judged by how the examiners have achieved or passed the test on certain qualifications. It is not even a simple data-crunching game, in which the computer is fed into some random numbers just to slow down the names of the personality traits. Instead, US universities emphasize on those students who would provide essays, which are used as a device to identify individuals below these grades and statistics. For the Indian students who are planning to study in the United States should create the outline that admission essays are not part of the information registered in the form of an essay, but highlight your personality as they expect a consistent block of information and tell a memorable story to attract admissions counsellors.   

Do not make stories:

To be unique and to showcase your achievements you do not need to dream of events that are random at all. Even if you are interested in studying in the United States, it is not morally justifiable to take such a wrong path and start your journey with a lie, so that you endanger the true potential of your studies by attempting rational additional studies.   

Maintain word limit:

You need to aware of the word limit of your admission essays. A student should know that the admission essays are categorized on the basis of the word limit. Universities can ask for short admission essays. The range of word limits, therefore, varies from 200 words to about 1000 words. And it is important to remember that the word limit should always be respected.  

Correct and polished language:

Silly mistakes like spelling errors, incorrect punctuation can degrade the quality of your admission essay. So, once you’ve finished writing an essay for US universities, proofread the article. Also, check the flow of the article that how it sounds. Generally, essays do not require you to rise and you can truly be yourself by expressing all your positive shades. It does not appear in any way that you are disrespecting the reader and challenging his judgment. Make sure that all the places and names you include in the article are correct. If you are writing an admission essay for US universities with incorrect information, it will not take long for them to find it.

Give good examples to support your ideas:

Writing an admission application is basically a glimpse of how your mind works and how you see the world. If you want your article to be credible, you need to be sure that everything you write supports that point of view. Think of how the essay relates to your personal qualities, and then write accordingly.

Prove you can be an asset to the university:

Through an admission essay, universities share the values ​​to those students they trust and can contribute to their development and help them achieve their goals. Therefore, before writing an admission essay for US universities it is important that you familiarize yourself with these university topics. For example, if you are applying for an MBA program at Harvard, learn about the university’s teaching community, class profiles that help you to understand the reality and respond to it in an honest and logical manner.


Above mentioned tips on how to write an admission essay for US universities will bring you character traits you never thought existed inside you. Qualities like humor, humanity, a synthesis that you can utilize for a greater purpose. Even in the case of negative features, you can work on these and correct them.    

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