How to apply for a PhD in the US for Indian Students


Getting a PhD is a challenging job that takes years to achieve, which can also be an incredibly rewarding experience. You will become a true expert in your field and you can apply for a number of interesting jobs, including academics. If you are considering a PhD, you should start by figuring out which programs best suit your needs. American universities are the most popular for getting a PhD degree. There is a tendency among Indian students to pursue a PhD at US University. So, the following is a discussion of how to apply a PhD at an American university.

Identify your research interest:   

Consider your current research interests in relation to your past academic work. What kind of PhD do you want to pursue in the USA? What research do you want to get a PhD? Keep in mind that you do not need to have a research topic pre-selected or even the focus of a very specific study. At this point, you should gather a general idea of what program you want to pursue in the US.   

Search for the PhD program:

Before start applying for a PhD in US universities, you are advised to research universities and look for degree programs that will suit your research interests. Find US universities according to your research program. Try to find as many universities as you can.

Appear for GRE:

GRE score is required for admission in PhD programs in the United States, so you must appear the GRE test prior before applying to American University. It takes a few months to get the GRE result, so before applying to US Universities, make sure that you pass the GRE exam.   

Appear for TOEFL or IELTS:

If you are from a country where English is not an official language, you will need to appear for TOEFL or IELTS. These English language tests are proof of your English language skills. One of these tests should be taken before starting your application like GRE.

Complete the application process:

Most US universities require you to submit some basic details using an online application. These details may include things like your name, address, attending school, etc. Complete this section of your application before you do anything else. Your application will also include some paper items, such as statements regarding your purpose, official transcripts, writing samples or other necessary materials. Collect these items and e-mail to your preferred US universities.   


PhD program at US university is especially expensive for international students. Thus, it is important to find out as many funding opportunities as possible. Most US universities offer tuition assistants, research assistants, and other types of financial support that will cut your tuition as well as provide you with a small stipend. 


Waiting to get back from university can be the most difficult part of the process. The selection of PhD application committees can take weeks or even months. Many schools warn applicants of acceptance or rejection of papers via email, so check your mailbox every day.

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