How to Study in the US from India after Class X


There are many students who need to relocate to the United States after finishing the tenth standard. Some foreign candidates decide to go to high school in America. Whatever the case, to study in the United States, an international student has to follow a few stringent steps. Not only it is about the country where you want to study, but the educational institutions you are going to attend also very important. Therefore, it is crucial to take your steps carefully and make sure you do not compromise with the quality of your education. Study in the US after the tenth grade is increasing among Indian students. Many Indian students have started taking foreign training program after completing the tenth standard. Undoubtedly, foreign schools are the gateway to better success for Indian students because of the opportunity for the best learning environment and vibrant cultural values. Academic excellence, different types of study programs, use of new technology, the possibility of research, work experience in the field of study, increase the opportunities for Indian students to pursue their career.  

Suitable Course Selection:

There are options for international students who want to study in the US after the tenth grade. American schools have a variety of programs on science, arts and commerce subjects. So before applying, you need to choose the course you want.

Proper school selection:

Attending an American high school and studying in eleventh and twelfth grade is like an unbelievable experience for an Indian student, and it is definitely going to be expensive. Therefore, it is very much important to choose the right school to value investment. So, before applying, make a list of a few renowned American high schools where you want to get admission.

Language Test:

The language proficiency test is a way to judge a student’s communication power in real life. “Test of English as a Foreign Language” (TOEFL) and “International English Language Testing System” (IELTS) are the most common and essential language test program for admission in US schools. Online and paper-based exams are available for students who want to appear for these tests. A good TOEFL score will increase the possibility to get admission in your preferred school.  

Application process:

The high school application process seems boring because it has so many steps to follow. Write an essay mentioning your academic achievement, your choice of course for applying to your preferred school in the United States. You will need to attach the essay, your academic results, the TOEFL scorecard, the statement of purpose (SOP) along with the completed application form and e-mail it to the admission committee of your selected schools.


Today, high schools are the main production house of future scholars. No matter what you are preparing for, there are more learning opportunities for high school students than ever before. Perhaps the most valuable among all opportunities is to study in America. An Indian student can easily get admission to his or her preferred American school for completing their high school but he or she has to follow the above steps. Your academic skills and proper planning will determine your chance to get admission in an American high school.

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