How to arrange for accommodation in the US for Indian Students


Accommodation can have a huge impact on the college or university experience for students who are studying in the United States. Choosing a roommate and arranging a suitable place to stay is not an easy task to do. After arriving in the United States, Indian students are often anxious to find an ideal place to stay. Luckily, there are several accommodation options and services available in the United States. Once you arrive at the United States to study at your preferred college or university, you do not need to stay at your dorm immediately. If you are going to the USA in advance, then you need todo a accommodation arrangement on temporary basis. Most Indian students choose accommodation after going to the United States and find accommodation personally. Even it is difficult to find temporary accommodation. Renting a hotel or lodge room is quite expensive. However, there are cheaper alternatives available.   

Temporary Accommodations:

When you first arrive in the United States, you will need a place to temporarily live while you look for permanent accommodation. Many US colleges or universities offer accommodation to international students before the session begins. You will have to ask for the accommodation office or foreign student advisor for temporary housing information. Even you can stay in a hotel or motel. This is the most expensive option out of them all, and you will need to book a room with your credit card.

Permanent Accommodation:

Most Indian students in the US live on or near the campus. Students who stay off-campus usually find a place a few miles away from the university or college. The US educational experience is far beyond the classroom, and you get a chance to learn a lot from your classmates as well. If university authorities make accommodations for international students on campus, then students should consider staying on campus for at least the first year. You have come to the United States for the first time to study, it is better to consider staying on campus, and after gathering experiences about the socio-cultural scenario, you can stay off-campus.

Home Stay:

Home stay is another good option for students under 18, especially those who are worried to leave home and live in a new country. In a homestay arrangement, you will stay with an American family within twenty to forty minutes from your campus. You will be provided with a personal room and food.  

Finding an Apartment:

As an Indian student you need to do a few things before you begin your search for accommodation in the United States:

  • Talk to the housing office about accommodation opportunities.
  • Decide whether you want to share a room with another student or not.
  • Take a tour to familiarize yourself with the surrounding area. Identify where the grocery stores and restaurants are located.
  • Ask friends and co-students if they know a good apartment.
  • The local newspaper also publishes the apartment list. Buy a newspaper and search for a suitable apartment for yourself.
  • You can contact a real estate agent to find a good apartment.


Although finding accommodation is an essential part of the US study, the most important factor to keep in mind when choosing among these options is safety. Make sure about safety while you will be in the United States.

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