How are Letters of Recommendations (LORs) to be written for Foreign Student Admission to US Universities


Due to cultural differences, language barriers and different education systems, international applicants face many challenges when applying to US universities. Letter of recommendation is an important part of the foreign university application process. You should help the admission officers to give a better idea about yourself so that you can increase your chances of receiving an offer from your desired US educational institution. An appropriate letter of recommendation should be written from your professor or teacher. It is suggested that no more than two or three recommendation letters are required as the repetition of unnecessary writing should be avoided. A letter of recommendation can be written by the school counselor and two teachers and will be accepted everywhere. Here, we are going to discuss few tips to write a proper recommendation letter for foreign student admission to US universities.  

Choose people who really know you personally:

The mistake that most international students usually choose recommenders with fancy titles who do not really know them. Never ask your school counselor to write a letter of recommendation unless he or she knows you well. If the counselor only knows you from your transcript, he or she will not be able to write an appropriate recommendation letter. Instead, ask someone to write a recommendation letter that you know about your character and qualities.   

Use quality writing:

The second mistake that international students make the most is trying to include a lot of recommendation letters. Quality work is more acceptable than quantitative work. So do not write the same thing in the recommendation letters, rather ask your teacher to write two or three letters with proper description about yourself that will help the admissions officers to have a clear idea about you. A high-quality informative recommendation letter will increase your selection chance.   

Use samples for guidance:

The letter of recommendation that works well in your country may not be effective in the United States. This is why you may want to look for a few examples online when writing your recommendation letter. You can use the samples yourself to maintaining the structure and content for US application.    


A recommendation letter is a type of formal letter, so it is not necessary to maintain a creative document structure. In a recommendation letter, your teacher can start the letter with a suitable introduction, then he or she may write a nice content mentioning your academic background, your character traits, activities. Lastly, he or she can give a brief conclusion by providing hie or her name, contact details, signature etc.

Proofreading and editing:

It is not right to think that there is no error in the letter simply because your teacher wrote the letter. Generally, it is your responsibility to proofread the letter minutely and if needed then ask your recommender to edit the letter or you may want to ask another teacher or a school administrator can take a second look before submitting the letter.


You should always remember that there are thousands of applicants for admission to US University and you are one of them. So, to get the attention of admissions officers, submit a suitable recommendation letter along with the application form that will help you get the chance to study in US universities. 

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