What is to be written in the Personal Essay to be accepted by US Universities


A personal essay for college or university admission is usually about five to six hundred words and these words can determine whether you are going to be accepted or not in your desired US university. A personal essay requires a lot of time for researching and then the writer should write it down in an artistic manner. The admissions officers only have a few minutes to read it, so you should remember that you have to arrange your essay in a simple and easy way. A personal essay includes different types of writing styles. Most personal essays ask writers to write about important people, events or periods in their lives. The goal is to describe an event or situation in a way that the reader can get to know easily about that person.  In order to get selected in your preferred US university, you need to mention a few important things in your personal essay those are discussed below. 

Start with a compelling introduction:

Great writing is difficult to achieve, but it is possible if you are smart enough. Admissions officers will spend a few minutes to read your essay, so you need to start with a clear paragraph that will keep them engage. You can start writing with a story or an interesting fact that will showcase some of the best parts of your personality and character, which will give the admission officers a clear view of yourself.

Tell your story:

It is not so easy to state your story to an unknown admission officer. A personal essay should be personal and professional at the same time. But your personal essay should not be read like a list or a resume. To avoid this, choose one or two life experiences related to your personal essay. Try to find out how you can connect strong points to support your essay from other categories.

State your aim, challenges, life experience:

A personal essay is a chance for you to share your personality, goals, influences, challenges, triumphs, life experiences. Present your achievements, life aim into your writing which will help the admission officers to know about you. 

Use examples to support your ideas:

A personal essay shows how your mind works and present your personal opinion about the world. In order to make your article credible, you need to make sure that what you write that supports your ideas. Try to find out how the essay question connects to your personal qualities.

Write with your unique voice:

Writing a personal essay, a writer has the freedom to use his or her own unique voice or vision into the writing. Like other forms of writing, a personal essay is often more successful when the writer uses a unique tone that entertains the readers. This means using different words, syntax and tone can give your writing a uniqueness and stand out from others.  


Most US universities have the requirements of the personal essay along with admission application. So, the above discussion represents a clear view of what should be written in a personal essay. A student needs to follow the above steps before start writing his or her personal essay and that can increase the chance to be selected.

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