How to approach the Skype interview for US college admission


Currently, Skype interviews have gained huge popularity. Whether you are a student, a graduate or an international student studying abroad, at one point you will be asked to give a Skype interview. Whether the person receiving your interview is a university admissions officer, but it is important to be prepared to impress your interviewer as you face the interview.  Skype interview like any other pre-requisites of an admission process that is mainly designed to test the language and communication power of an international student who wants to get admission in the USA. When applying for study in the United States, it is very common for a university to request you for an interview so they can meet you in person and judge you whether you can be a positive addition to their student community or not. Here, we are going to discuss a few steps about the approach of skype interview for US college admission.

Create a professional background:

A dirty bookshelf, laundry-covered dresser and posters of your favourite band can make a horrible background. Find a quiet place with a beautiful background where you can sit and communicate with the interviewer over Skype.  

Proper dress up:

Just because you are in a comfortable position at your home that does not mean that you will not maintain professionalism. Although the camera will focus your face mainly, it is smart to wear business attire from head to toe. You can wear a formal dress for your skype interview. The hair should be combed properly so that you do not have to touch it during the interview.

Quiet place:

The skype interview should be happening in a quiet place that is free from all sort of distractions. If you are at your home, make sure you mute your cell phone and switch off the TV and tape recorder. Also, it is important to remember that if you receive a tweet or new message on Facebook, turn off these notification options during the interview.

Fast internet service and keep charging:

Make sure you have a stable Internet connection. If you have vague video coverage, then it will be better if you conduct the interview at a friend’s house with better Internet service. Also, make sure your laptop is fully charged. If the battery dies during the interview, this will be considered extreme unprofessionalism.

Speak with clarity:

Make sure that none of your answers is unheard, so speak clearly during the interview. Also, make sure you talk loud enough that your interviewer can hear you easily over skype, but not too loud. If you want to meet them, let them know. During the video interview, many of your non-verbal cues, such as facial expressions and hand gestures, are lost. So, try to speak clearly as much as possible.


From the above discussion it is implied that in the case of US college admissions, Skype interview is an essential part on which it will depend that whether a student will get a chance at US college or not. So, by following the above steps a student can approach the skype interview for US college admission.  

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