How to approach Harvard University application essays for Indian Students


For the past several years, Harvard has consistently been one of the top universities in the world. Its high reputation and academic qualities attract students from all over the world. It accepts common applications, universal college applications and alliance applications. An essay with all these applications is required to be submitted for getting admission. Throughout the application process, it is important for a student to remember that he or she should look for a school that will help them explore and grow to the most important potential. In order to identify the best school, you need to be perfect in your research skill and consider the factors as you evaluate the best path to achieve the goal. Before selection, Harvard admission committee wants a clear scenario of yourself as a potential student. They want to know your character traits and personality through your application essay writing. It is your golden chance to convey a meaningful aspect of your character, discuss unique interests, showcase how you inspire people around you, and address how Harvard will help you to succeed. 

The purpose of the essay is to give you the opportunity to describe your aim, activities, challenges etc. When it comes to choosing the topic, you should choose the most important activity or work experience which probably played a big role in your life. Harvard just wants a list of activities you are participating in outside of your school. However, you should remember that do not repeat what you have mentioned in your application. Some important things you can include in your essay which are discussed below:

  • Unusual incidents of your life:

Your purpose is to discuss unusual incidents that provide a better context for your life experience. This may be something about your life story that you would like to present in your application essay and it is important for a deeper understanding about you.

  • Your career goal:

A career goal is about what career you want to pursue throughout your life. In your application essay, you must explain why you are choosing a particular career and give examples to show your skills.

  • Work experience:

If you have any past work experience, maybe it was in a big or small company, you can include your work experience in your application essay mentioning the company name, your designation, your experience etc. 

  • Present yourself in your essay:

When evaluating your application essay, always think about what information you want to share with admission officers of Harvard University. Do not share something that makes you feel bad. Try to represent yourself in the best possible way through your application essay.

  • Use your own technique:

In order to write an application essay for Harvard university, it is important to maintain your own style of writing. Address the admission officers with your own tone and technique and make it stand out from others application essay.


After completing your essay, show it to someone who can give you feedback. Sometimes Indian students have problems writing Harvard University application essays. So, the above discussion will guide them to write applications essays for Harvard University.

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