Top Ten US Scholarships for Indian Students


Studying in the US is a dream of many Indian students and US scholarship can help them realize this dream. It is very much expensive to pursue a degree course from a US university and even there are so many US citizens who need a scholarship or education loan to study at a renowned US university. Add extra costs for any international student such as airline tickets, visas, boarding and lodging. This forced the few who were privileged to study in the United States. Fortunately, there are many scholarship programs by which Indian students can be benefited and reduce financial pressure of making the choice to pursue an education in the United States. This US scholarship is available to all levels of education, groups of choice and interests. Whether you are an employee or a high school student, you would find the scholarship of your interest in this varied list. So, let us discuss the top US scholarships for Indian students: 

  1. Presidential LEEP Scholarship at Clarke university:

Clark University offers Presidential LEEP Scholarship program to the international students to encourage them to study. This scholarship will provide free tuition, free accommodation, free postgraduate degree and support.

  • University of Southern California, Mork Family Scholarship:

The University of Southern California, Mork Family Scholarship gives a number of competitive scholarships for foreign students from all over the world. These include free tuition, four-year free accommodation, four-year Mork family.

  • International Traina Scholarship, Clark university:

International Traina Scholarships are given to exceptional incoming students proven by work in high school, as well as the power of overall application, that they are ready to give the best performance after enrolling at the Clark.   

  • Emerging Global Leader American university Scholarship:

The Emerging Global Leader scholarship offers free tuition, accommodation for an international student who will need a student visa for pursuing a degree program in the USA.  

  • Illinois Wesleyan University International Student Scholarships:

Illinois Wesleyan University gives scholarships to the students who are coming from foreign countries having an outstanding academic background and test scores in the required entrance exams. This scholarship is awarded annually to two highly skilled international students for their talents, interests and academic achievement.  

  • Illinois State University:

Illinois State University offers $44,000 for the candidates who are coming from traditionally underrepresented regions or those who are trying to achieve their goals overcoming hardship in life.

  • New York University Wagner Scholarships:

New York University Wagner scholarship offers only free tuition to the applicant.  Awards will depend on the decision of the Graduate Admissions Committee if they think that the candidate can contribute to the New York University Wagner community.

  • The University of Oregon Scholarships, International Cultural Service Program (ICSP):

International Cultural Service Program offers scholarship to international students every year. The amount of this scholarship is $7,000 to $27,000 annually.

  • Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI):

IUPUI provides scholarships to all category foreign students. Students from other universities, graduate, undergraduate students can apply for this scholarship.

  1. Iowa State University Award:

Iowa State University Award is for international students who have outstanding academic score and who are genuinely talented in the field of study.


Lastly, we can say that a talented, serious student who wants to pursue his or her dream to study in the USA but cannot afford enough funding, scholarship is a great opportunity for them to achieve their success.   

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