How to score high in the TOEFL exam for US University Admission


TOEFL is the abbreviation form of “Test of English as a Foreign Language”. TOEFL is a kind of English proficiency test conducted to analyze one’s ability to use and understand the English language. This test includes the applicant’s reading, listening, speaking and writing skills that are required for performing in the academic field. TOEFL is one of the most difficult one among all language tests. A student has to study hard to obtain a good score in TOEFL examination. Unlike most tests, there is no passing or failing. What you get is the score of each section and the whole exam as you can compare it to the initial admission requirement of any college or university you are applying for. If you are trying to apply to multiple colleges or universities in the USA, it is advisable to try for the highest required TOEFL score. Here, we are going to discuss few tips to score high in the TOEFL exam.

Accustomed with TOEFL format:

TOEFL is an English proficiency test with a unique format. ETS, a renowned American company produced this TOEFL test. This test measures your communication power and writing ability, and your capability to succeed at an English-speaking university. Each category has a score of 30, for a total overall score of 120. Each university requires a specific score. Sometimes the score for each section varies from university to university. So, before you start studying for TOEFL, search for the universities you want to attend and find out what test format they are following. 

Learn academic English:

TOEFL is a little bit different than other ESL tests. TOEFL precisely measures your ability to succeed at an American educational institution. You should focus on studying and practising the language you can hear in your classroom, on campus, during reading a textbook, encyclopedias, various English journals and research articles. This will help you become familiar with the presentation and language used in the academic material.

Make a proper study plan:

Set a proper study plan for your TOEFL test. By every day practising, you will be more confident. Try to appear for practice test once in a week. If you do not have access for free online test portal, then you can create your own questionnaire. A proper plan may help you to obtain a high score in TOEFL exam.

Focus on grammar and vocabulary:

A language is about vocabulary and grammar. If you are struggling with your grammar and vocabulary, you should practice writing as much as possible on a daily basis. Even, you should appear for speech practice test. Once you have completed this test, you should go to a TOEFL iBT speaker specialist to analyze your speaking ability.

Communication and topic development:

If you want to establish your communication and topic development, you need to appear for an independent and integrated speaking practice test. This is so a TOEFL iBT speaking specialist will decide whether or not you are facing problems organizing and developing your ideas.  

Find a mentor:

A reliable Native English teacher who can be a mentor for you and can guide you for your TOEFL exam. A mentor can help you in every possible way to get a good score in TOEFL.


When starting the TOEFL, take a deep breath and thoroughly read the whole section of the test. With all the tips, lessons, exercises and hard work, you will be able to achieve a high TOEFL score.   

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