What makes US college admission essays stand out from the rest for Indian Students


Your college application essay needs to breathe into your application. It will capture your true personality by explaining who you are, test scores, and after-school activities. But it is not as tough as it sounds, because you can choose what to share and how to share. Take a minute to think about college or university admissions officers reading your essay and how does your essay reveal your background and what makes you unique? If you have a chance to stand in front of the admissions authority to share an important story or incident of your life, what would you say at that time? College application essay is a great opportunity to share your inner personality, goals in life, influences, challenges in life, triumphs, life experiences or lessons learned. Your college application essay will reveal the story of yours. In order to make your college application essay stand out from others, you need to follow few steps which are discussed below.

Be concise: Although the college application essay consists of a minimum of 250 words and no upper limit, each admissions officer has a large stack for daily reading. He or she hopes to spend a few minutes on each essay. So, try to express your thoughts in 600 to 700 words.  

Be honest: Do not exaggerate your achievements, titles and offices. You should write an actual incident with honesty.

Be an individual: When writing an essay, you should study how can you distinguish yourself from other applicants. Set a unique tone and style in your writing which can make a difference from other application essays.

Tell your story:  Most people like to read stories rather than anything else. So, Tell a great story of your life in your essay. Give enough details about yourself and captivating the reader’s attention inside of a great narrative.

Use your own voice: Do not rely on phrases or idioms that people have used many times before. Avoid excessive formal or business-like language and do not use unnecessary words. Follow your own style to make it unique among all writing.

Keep Your Focus Narrow and Personal: Do not try to cover too many topics. It will sound like an essay that does not provide any details about you. Focus on one of your own stories so readers can find out more about you. Keep in mind that readers must find your original self in your essay. Just ask a parent or teacher to read your introduction and tell you what they think of your essay.     

Be vivid: A good essay is often compared to a story and equally interesting. In many cases, this is the narrative of an important moment. Provide some details to help the readers understand the settings. Use the name of the persons in the story, including your brother, teacher or coach.


Your US college application essay is a reflection of some of the important events of your life. Therefore, it is advisable to write the college application essay in such a way that it can easily attract the attention of the admissions officers. The above-discussed points need to be followed if you want your US college admission essay stand out from the rest.

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