How to transfer to STEM courses in the US for Indian Students


An Indian student is often transferring from one university to another, which is the most common occurrence in the United States. For international students, the stress associated with an unfamiliar system that comes from the host country. There may be some additional barriers if you are not a US citizen, but transferring to STEM courses with proper rules and documentation is not an impossible task. In the United States, Indian students can transfer from one college or university to another after or before the first semester or between academic years. If you are an Indian student and planning to transfer to other universities for STEM course then the below-discussed matter will help you with proper guidance. 

Discuss with your International Student Advisor and Academic Advisor:

Each college or university has its own unique transfer process, though they may have similarities. Some processes will be smooth. People who know it better and can help you or guide you, are sitting in the International Student Services (ISS) centre. Your international student advisor or academic advisor probably help alumni begin the process, inform the right authority, and take the necessary steps to get the process rolling. So, before transferring to the STEM course you should take help from your academic advisor.

Start the transfer process as soon as possible:

The next step after discussing with the academic advisor is to start the transfer process. This means approve your transfer from your department or faculty head or any other relevant authority. Time is the key factor for Indian students as there is a lot of documentation and processes that should be completed before the final deadline.

Update SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Programme): 

Once you have obtained the required approval, you will need to begin the transfer process for the SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Program) records and other required documents. However, keep in mind that you must meet these requirements to be eligible for SEVIS transfer:

  • maintain F-1 status
  • You should obtain an offer letter for admission from the new school
  • two months grace period if already graduated or completed OPT 
  • Beginning of class at the new school is within five months of the completion of the academic program at the current school, the last day of admission to the current school, or the end date of OPT approval.

Settle all outstanding fees and formalities:

Before transferring for a STEM course to another university, you may be liable to pay partial or full-term tuition fees. Check the actual amount you will have to pay with your current school’s finance department. Same goes for other monetary liabilities, like house rent or return plane tickets to your home country. Be prepared to forfeit your deposit and other expenses you have already paid, especially if you are ready to move early.  

Contact International Student Services (ISS) at your new school:

Once all of the above is settled, you should contact the ISS (International Student Service) at your new college or university to find out what else you need to do to finish the transfer process.


As a whole, the key point to tell you that you have to consult with both university advisors and take the appropriate transfer to stay safe legally. You may need to leave the United States and return to your home country if the wrong procedure is followed. Therefore, it is wise to follow the proper procedure before transferring to STEM course in the US.  

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