What standardized exams are required for admission to US Universities

Introduction: One or more standardized test score is required for admission to an American university or school. In the United States, universities and schools make standardized tests as one of the most important criteria for getting admission. Take these exams one month to eighteen months before your date of study in the United States as... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Tips to write US college admission essays

Introduction: For applying in a US college, a well-written essay is required as a part of your application. This is your chance to show the admissions officers that who you are and to provide information about yourself that may not be suitable for other areas of your application. The article also reveals your area of... Continue Reading →

How to become a writer in India

Introduction: Being an author is not an impossible task. If you want to be a writer then you need to follow a few steps.  Like other skill, writing requires hard work and practice to make it better. With perseverance and self-belief, you can be a writer. Being a writer leads to better and more thoughtful thinking.... Continue Reading →

How to Improve Legal Writing in India

Introduction: Legal writing is an important genre of writing in present India. Legal writing needs special attention from other forms of writing because it is related to various rules, sections, acts of the Indian penal code. Legal writing demands proper structure, logical discussion, proper findings. To write a legal paper it also needs the right... Continue Reading →

10 easy tips for better Medical Writing in India

Introduction: Medical writing is a combination of medical science and arts. It involves writing scientific documents in a literary way. There are different types of medical writing including medical research papers, disease, and drug-related papers, healthcare content for websites, healthcare magazines and articles. The purpose of any form of medical writing is to create a... Continue Reading →

10 ways to improve your Academic Writing Skills

Introduction: Academic writing is a little bit different from other forms of writing like content, article or journal writing. Academic writing requires proper structure, classification, research, progress, findings, the aim of writing, etc. Although it is not a simple task to do anyone can involve in academic writing and before that he or she has... Continue Reading →

SOP Writing help for Indian Students

Introduction: A statement of purpose (SOP) is a kind of paper where a student can talk about his or her career goal, professional interest, contribution and a driving force that pushes him or her to pursue the career objectives. This is usually in the form of essays, but some universities may place questions into it.... Continue Reading →

SEO for Local Businesses in India

Introduction: Currently, Internet users in India are increasing rapidly. As a result, from small companies to large scale industries has chosen online marketing to promote their business. Search engine optimization (SEO) plays an important role in online marketing. People have a lot of misconceptions about SEO.  So, at first, we should know what is Search... Continue Reading →

Importance of Real Estate Marketing in India

Introduction: Currently, a business cannot be considered without marketing. Marketing is essential for any small business to a large-scale industry. The main purpose of marketing is to market your service or product to the public. If nobody knows about your business, you won't find a buyer, so your business needs a proper marketing strategy to... Continue Reading →

Project Management Sample Assignment

Executive Summary Every project that has to be completed within a timeline requires a proper and sustainable project management plan. In this study, the tasks of creating a sustainable project management plan and provide an analysis of the type of leadership and skills that were required for successfully completing the project has been conducted. In... Continue Reading →

How to become a competent medical writer in India

Introduction: The demand for medical writing in India is very high. Medical writing is being done for various human health-related papers, health journals, magazines, and medical research writing. People are now health conscious so common people search in Google for various medical and health-related articles to become aware about health. Medical writing requires knowledge of... Continue Reading →

Sample Essay: Income Inequality

Income Inequality Table of Contents Introduction. 3 Trends in Income Inequality. 3 Reasons Behind Income Inequality. 3 Concluding Remarks. 4 References. 5 Introduction According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), income inequality has been on the rise since the World War II (Atkinson, Piketty, and Saez 2011). Income inequality can be defined... Continue Reading →

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