Sample Research Proposal: Empirical Study on the Motivations behind Philanthropic Donations for Family Firms in China

Table of Contents Introduction. Rationale of the study. Research Aim. Research Objectives. Research Questions. Theoretical Basis. Introduction. Conceptual background. Research Methodology. Research Design. Research Methods. Data Collection. Data Analysis Techniques. Research Plan. Conclusion. Bibliography. Introduction Corporate firms in China are rooted in traditions and family firms are one of the most common business forms. In... Continue Reading →

How to transfer to STEM courses in the US for Indian Students

Introduction: An Indian student is often transferring from one university to another, which is the most common occurrence in the United States. For international students, the stress associated with an unfamiliar system that comes from the host country. There may be some additional barriers if you are not a US citizen, but transferring to STEM... Continue Reading →

How to receive Fullbright Scholarship for Indian Students

Introduction: Wondering how to afford funding to study in the United States? The Fulbright Scholarship program offers scholarships to approximately 8,000 deserving candidates every year, and the scholarship program is available in more than 160 countries around the world. Eligibility criteria, application procedure and grant amount vary from country to country. The prestigious Fulbright Scholarship... Continue Reading →

How are Letters of Recommendations (LORs) to be written for Foreign Student Admission to US Universities

Introduction: Due to cultural differences, language barriers and different education systems, international applicants face many challenges when applying to US universities. Letter of recommendation is an important part of the foreign university application process. You should help the admission officers to give a better idea about yourself so that you can increase your chances of... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Reasons to Study in the US for Indian Students

Introduction: American universities are famous for the quality of their teaching and research. US colleges and universities are the most preferred and largest destinations for higher education. The US education system is versatile and flexible for international students, which is preferred by most international students. Today about thirty percent of all current international students in... Continue Reading →

How to become a writer in India

Introduction: Being an author is not an impossible task. If you want to be a writer then you need to follow a few steps.  Like other skill, writing requires hard work and practice to make it better. With perseverance and self-belief, you can be a writer. Being a writer leads to better and more thoughtful thinking.... Continue Reading →

How to Improve Legal Writing in India

Introduction: Legal writing is an important genre of writing in present India. Legal writing needs special attention from other forms of writing because it is related to various rules, sections, acts of the Indian penal code. Legal writing demands proper structure, logical discussion, proper findings. To write a legal paper it also needs the right... Continue Reading →

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