Business Legal Consulting

Consult Corporates has added a new wing to its services i.e. business law consulting service. We provide all reasonable and reliable legal advice to help our clients to run their businesses in India. We work directly with many renowned companies and maintain regular contact with the company’s owner, senior staff and top management. Prior to our consultation session, we try to understand the business aim of that company and provide the right kind of business legal consulting in India.

We can offer legal advice for your business in lieu of a monthly fee on a contingent basis or strike up a contract that meets your requirements. Our lawyers would arrange for meetings, phone conversations, legal advice, legal letter writing and so on.

Legal Services

Business and law are complementary to each other. As an organization, there are partner lawyers and non-lawyers at Consult Corporates who have considerable academic qualifications and experience in their consulting field. Whether you are looking to open and register a new business, want to expand your business or trying to incorporate a subsidiary to your existing business, at Consult Corporates, we are always ready with the best business legal consulting services in India. If you are facing any legal complications in your business, our expert team will be ready for all forms of corporate legal help.

Business & Corporate Matters

In business, whether you are incorporating something new, reviewing a contract or facing labour issues, Consult Corporates will always be there at every step of your business journey. We are dedicated to our services and will work 24×7 with your business team to find the best possible solutions to your legal needs. If there are unexpected problems, we use our legal knowledge to ensure that your organization is safeguarded and provide business legal consulting for long-term success. In the current Indian economy, changes in rules, regulations, contract laws and other factors can cause disruption in the business legal environment. However, at Consult Corporates we partner with the best corporate lawyers to provide legal guidance to your business.

Reviewing Contracts & Agreement Drafting

Consult Corporates has experience in business drafting, contract review and water-tight legal agreements that will safeguard your business interests.  Our experience has also enabled us to work with other large companies in India. We want to secure you and the interests of your company no matter what the scale or scope of the contract that you may require.

Business Litigation

Our expert partner lawyers will also represent you in the court of law and fight legal matters on your behalf and provide the best results and outcome for your business.

Labour Laws

Often, in India, most of the companies face employee related questions. Consult Corporates can help you to review your employee handbook to ensure protection against corporate litigation. We create effective labour contracts with our effective business legal consulting services in India. We want to secure you from all forms of legal issues regarding employee hiring, firing, hour issue, compensation structure and so on.

Business Succession Planning

We understand that companies are a separate entity with life-long existence unless shut down prematurely. We can help with business legal consulting regarding your business future planning. For a businessman, it is crucial to understand the different exit strategies as well as the consequences of a business closure. That’s why, at Consult Corporates, we are here to provide business succession legal support to secure your business for your future generations.

Consult Corporates provide business legal consulting services in all types of corporate legal matters. Our legal experts can handle your case with their years of experience and abilities in the corporate field. So do not hesitate to contact us today by calling us at +91 9836155797 or email us to and receive your first free business legal assessment from us.

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