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The main purpose of your business is to sell your service or product to your customers. Marketing plays the main role to connect the sellers and buyers. Marketing helps your customers to become aware of your services or products. Marketing is very essential for real estate businesses in India. At present, India is a growing economy and the market is very challenging. So, you need to plan for proper marketing for your real estate business. Through marketing, a real estate firm can easily highlight the project’s quality, valuation, position and present much more information in front of the customer. So, here we will talk about how marketing can be done for real estate businesses in India.

At Consult Corporates, we provide real estate marketing in India through three broad categories. They are digital marketing, mobile marketing, and offline marketing. Those three mediums are discussed below.

Digital Marketing

It is true that a real estate developer can never ignore digital marketing. At this moment, the number of Internet users in India has increased tremendously, this is why real estate developers have chosen digital marketing mostly. Developers are using various online platforms to post photos, project details, and customer feedback to connect with potential new customers. Also, most of the real estate companies and developers are using their own websites for generating leads.

A real estate developer can establish regular contact with their targeted customers through blogs, emails, social media, forums, groups, communities, and others. Online marketing is a very quick and effective way to create a sense of credibility and affection among customers.

A suitable product promotion video can be a game-changer for your business. Make a video that will highlight all the features of the property and different areas of the house or flat that may be appealing to a customer. Add a few words or stories to the video that will be heartwarming for a customer who is about to buy his property for the first time. You can upload this video to your YouTube channel, or you can share it on your website or on social media. Video marketing in India gains the trust and dependability of customers in the field of real estate marketing.  

In the modern age of digitalization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very important aspect of marketing. If you are not using SEO services, then you will not be able to reach the top of the search engine algorithm. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can be very helpful if you want to grab customers to sell your real estate property. SEM is a paid internet-based marketing system related to searching, submitting and positioning website to achieve maximum visibility. At Consult Corporates, our marketing team is constantly helping brands position their real estate properties in their given market to reach the highest number of eyeballs and gain traction for their business. Recently, it has been noticed that regional languages are playing an important role in the real estate marketing sector. Therefore, we have also incorporated regional language real estate marketing in India through online platforms that enable your business to reach the ever-expanding local market.

Mobile Phone Marketing (SMS & Call)

Another marketing method for real estate businesses is marketing through mobile phones. Many real estate companies communicate with customers through SMS or phone calls. SMS marketing can transmit property information to interested leads within a second, and phone conversations help in building trust to ensure the sale of your property. At Consult Corporates we incorporate all forms of real estate marketing techniques in India to ensure you have the best leads in the business.

Off-Line Marketing

In India, there are several options for offline marketing, the most important of which are newspaper advertisements and print media. Every day, many people read newspapers, so newspaper advertisement can strengthen your marketing aspect and increase the possibility of new customers. Apart from this, real estate marketing via newspapers, we also engage in radio promotions, TV ads, mike announcement in the local area, leaflet distribution, banner advertisements, and word-of-mouth real estate marketing through local contacts.

Why Us?

Real estate marketing is one of the main reasons why real estate businesses have significantly improved in India over the past few years. Online marketing has accelerated the entire marketing process, which both developers and buyers are benefitting from. Developers are using various online platforms to market their real estate properties, which is not only helping real estate business to connect with their customers but also helping to expand the brand value.

Consult Corporates offers real estate marketing services in India, especially in Kolkata and West Bengal. We do brand marketing both online and offline. Your business is your dream, so do not hesitate to contact us for your business growth. Are you thinking about money? Don’t worry, we offer real estate marketing services at an affordable price. For more information email us to or call us at +91 9836155797.

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