White Papers

White Papers are written or published as an official report of a meeting or a discussion. It has become a trend for businesses to release a white paper explaining the various aspects and aims of a particular project before launching. There are many benefits of white papers, such as helping you to establish yourself as an expert in the industry, enabling your clients to get familiar with your business plan, and testing the market before product launch. As a marketing tool, white paper writing is used for generating interest in products or services and it can easily draw your potential customer’s attention. Whatever your desire or goal is behind creating a white paper, Consult Corporates can help you to achieve it with our expert marketing and writing team.     

White Papers as a Useful Business Communication Tool  

White papers are popular for promoting new ideas and products and are mostly used by government agencies as well as prominent business organizations. While white papers were traditionally used for Business to Business (B2B) communication, today they are also used to reach particular target groups of consumers. Since white papers are created and published by a well-reputed business organization, they are looked upon as valuable resources by the customers and industry experts. 

How to Write White Papers

A white paper is a strategic content-marketing piece and it is important to put a lot of thought behind writing such papers. When writing a white paper, you must keep it short and brief, while also conveying enough information about the particular subject.

A white paper should carry well-researched and referenced material and proven data points. A comprehensive list of references and a standard boiler-plate content (about the publisher) are essential inclusions. However, writing such technical papers require expert skill sets and domain knowledge. Hence, at Consult Corporates, we have industry experts in marketing, management, retail, real estate, law and supply chain to help businesses obtain the perfect white paper that fits their corporate organization. You can send us our requirement and we will get our expert writers to assist you with the best white paper writing services in India.

Types of White Paper

White papers can be divided into three categories:  

  • The Backgrounder: This type of white paper provide your clients with the technical evaluations of a service or product. It describes the product in a simple way. It conveys the details about its features and other benefits. This kind of paper is easy to write with minimal research due to the simple structure.
  • The Numbered List: The Numbered list is the most popular white paper writing service in India because it is takes the least amount of time for your clients and customers to read. It delivers information to the reader in bite-sized points, which is very useful. Companies are using numbered lists form because they can convey their offerings in an easy concise way.
  • The Problem/Solution: A Problem/Solution white paper uses facts and logic to inform the readers about the idea and offer. It is ideal for exhibiting the quality of a new product or service. This format is best suited for marketing technology. Problem/Solution white paper writing takes more time to research properly and it is one of the most read kind of white paper services that we provide to our clients.

Why Choose Us

The team of Consult Corporates is composed of various industry experts, enabling us to create documents that are precise, powerful and contextual. We provide white paper writing services in India that is affordable and meets your business requirements. At every stage of developing your content, we will have brainstorming sessions to ensure that the content matches exactly with your requirements. Our project coordinators at Consult Corporates don’t just focus on the overall project but also take into account the minute details and ensure timely delivery through resourceful thinking and prompt response.

Let us know if you want to get yourself exposed to your customers and collect those much-valued potential clients in order to rake in the sales. Gets the best white paper writing services from Consult Corporates and be sure to make it to the big leagues. Contact us today at consultcorporates@gmail.com or call/Whatsapp us at +91 9836155797.

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